Backstage Mom Details


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before your call time.


  • Play games, read books, do puzzles or bring a laptop or iPad and watch a movie. Girls could even practice their dances for a little bit, too 🙂 It’s helpful to also bring a blanket for girls to sit on while they wait. No markers, crayons stickers or small objects to protect the floor and costumes.
  • Due to nut allergies and such, it’s best to avoid bringing snacks. Each mom can give their dancer what they need between the rehearsal and performance. If you must do snacks, please keep it very simple, non-messy and you must get permission from parents first. Throw away all trash to keep dressing room tidy.
  • Stage Notes/Line Up Order. CLICK HERE, find your show and dances and print those pages only.


  • Be oohey gooey sweet and excited, encouraging girls and moms that this is a special day to enjoy.
  • Use your Stage Notes that you should have printed from home to check dancers in and out, making eye contact with each mom.
  • As moms drop off, make eye contact and ask them to visit the restroom and have correct dance shoes on for their first dance. Take their other shoes and organize them confirming names are on shoes. Moms can put their daughter’s costume in a special spot.
  • Remind girls not to run in their tap shoes and to be extra careful in tap shoes when sitting and standing as they could accidentally step on a friend’s hand or slip and fall.
  • Encourage moms to drop off quickly and go to the lobby to wait during rehearsal. It will be too crowded for them to stay, so please kindly let them know.
  • Share that you will put in GM when rehearsal is over and it’s time to meet in the dressing room to get their dancer ready.


  • A Jr. Stage Helper will come get your class when it’s time. Don’t worry about lining up in order, you can do that when you get side stage. Have a stage mom at the front and one at the end counting girls along the way. Instruct dancers not to rush, especially while in tap shoes.
  • As stage mom, you can watch side stage and take pictures as you will not need a flash. Many love this perk of serving getting to capture one-of-a-kind photos of their girl in action.
  • After their first dance, go back to the dressing room and stage moms help to switch shoes. A Jr. Stage Runner will come get your class when it’s time to rehearse your 2nd dance. After your class finishes rehearsing both dances, let moms know in GM.
  • The performance will run mostly the same except, stage moms will trade places after their 1st dance if they are not volunteering for both dances.
  • When doors open, you will need to ask the moms to go to the audience and come back after their 1st dance and change their daughter into her 2nd costume. After both dances are complete, they are to meet in the dressing room and check out their daughter with you.


  • Should a dancer get hurt, please report it to DA Staff/Stage Crew immediately and call 911, if necessary.
  • No men should be backstage. If you notice a suspicious person, report it immediately to DA Staff/Stage Crew.
  • Please tidy your dressing room and throw away all the trash. Whether you’re the 1st or 2nd show, please leave the dressing room better than you found it.

A Special Note From Miss Tammy
Thank you so much for serving your sweet daughter and her class. Our recital is only possible because of you and I am very grateful. You are a blessing to our precious dancers and most of all to The Lord.