From tiaras to twirls to a tea party, this dreamy camp promises to teach more than tiptoes and twirls but also what being a real princess is all about!

PSST…DID YOU KNOW?!?! We have Weekly Classes in Ballet, Tap and Jazz starting at Age 2 years beginning this fall and ending with a Spring Recital and Princess Party. Our dance room is conveniently located right by the PCBC GYM.

Registration for our 27th season is in full swing! For more details and to find your class, go to: https://www.dancingangels.com/find-a-fall-class/

Also, if you If you have a group of friends and your preferred time is not shown, let us know and we can try to accommodate your request.


  • Sick Policy: Campers must be symptom/fever free a full 24 hours prior to camp including; no repetitive coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat or tummy trouble. If your child is sick and unable to attend, please text us at the number in your email.
  • Church Policies: 1.) There is no running inside the church or outside campus, no standing or jumping on the church furniture. 2.) An adult must drop off and pick up.
  • Emergencies: In the event we need to reach you for an emergency (this rarely happens) or an non-urgent issue, please confirm your contact number when you check in and list a back up as well. If you see a call from the number in our email, please pick up.
  • Location & Parking: PCBC, 2nd Floor. You may park at the corner of Pickwick and Villanova. Due to other camps, please factor in extra time for parking, especially at pick up.
  • Arrival: Please arrive ready outside the dance room in dance attire with shoes on no more than 5 minutes prior to your camp start time.


    1. CHECK IN ON Kiosk Screen using your phone # on the 2nd floor
    2. SELECT your name and CLICK check mark to turn GREEN
    3. PRINT name tag and place on BACK of leotard each day.
    4. KEEP your code to show at pick up
    5. SHARE code if someone other than you is picking up
    6. CHECK IN on Roster Table as well and place written name tag on FRONT of leotard (first day only).
    7. CHECK OUT by showing code at pick up to your teacher
    8. DO above check in/out procedure daily
    9. ADD Miss Tammy’s # to your contacts that’s on your email
    10. POTTY campers must use the restroom at the church prior to entering the dance room, regardless if your camper just went at home. This helps to minimize the majority needing to go shortly after the camps begins
    11. WAIT in the hallway until you are greeted by your teacher at your camp start time. We are preparing our room for you
    12. LATE ARRIVALS please peek the door open and quickly send in your camper ready with her shoes on
    13. FYI no need to bring any bags, clothes, snacks or water bottles
    14. PICK UP on time as we have a limited break before our next camp and if you’re the afternoon camp, you’re our last camp for the day. You’re arriving promptly is much appreciated. If you will be delayed, please call


  • Camp Attire: A simple pink cap-sleeve or sleeveless leotard that fits properly with ATTACHED skirt, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Please no detached skirts, tricky leotard such as crisscross back or snap closures. Due to potty reasons below, we need dance attire to be simple and easy for campers to manage the best possible. Also, please no tutus, glitter, sparkles or jewelry.
  • Potty: Campers must be potty-trained and because we want to encourage full independence, so we need campers to … 1.) Have the correct dance attire as mentioned above. 2.) Allow tights to act as underwear makes potty easier for campers. 3.) Practice at home taking leotard and tights down and up solo can make all the difference. Also, please know, we understand accidents can happen. Should your camper have a potty accident, we will notify you.
  • Allergies/Medical Conditions: Please email us at [email protected] if your daughter has an allergy/medical condition and remind your teacher at drop-off.
  • Snack: Please do not bring your own snack, drinks or water bottles, we will provide a goldfish snack and water daily. 
  • Tea Party: Our party will take place during the week in place of snack that includes: Chick-fil-A nuggets, fruit, carrots, pink lemonade tea, and a yummy cupcake.
  • Camp Recital: There will be a recital in the Fellowship Hall for family and friends on the last day. Please plan to drop off your dancer in the Fellowship Hall at her normal camp start time and guests can return at showtime below.
    • Morning Recital: Thursday at 11:30 AM
    • Afternoon Recital: Thursday at 3:30 PM


  • Join us for our 27th season in ballet, tap or jazz for ages 2 years through 2nd grade. Go here for more details and our schedule: https://www.dancingangels.com/find-a-fall-class/
  • If you have a group of friends and your preferred time is not shown, let us know and we can try to accommodate your request.