Welcome to our 27th year of dancing and praising Jesus! I am so grateful the way The Lord has knitted this ministry and community together over two and a half decades. Thank you for registering your precious daughter with the sweetest program in town. It’s true that every joyful ending starts with a sweet beginning, and I am thrilled to begin another year with wonderful families like you.

Here’s some details about your dancer’s class.

Miss Tammy

Class Details

  • Class Start Date: September 9th
  • Openings: Some classes still have a few spots. Please help us spread the word and invite your friends to join us!
  • Sick Reminder: To help keep our darling community (and your teacher) healthy and dancing…students must be symptom/fever free for a full 24 hours prior to class including; no repetitive coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat or tummy trouble. If your dancer will miss class, please text (214) 707-2431.
  • Church Policies: 1.) Inside – there is no running around inside, no jumping on furniture and no use of gym/game tables as we do not have access. Outside – there’s no running outside on the church campus, climbing trees, stair railing, columns or children pressing the handicap door button.
  • Location/Parking: Park Cities Baptist Church, Activities Building: 3933 Northwest Parkway. Park on the south/west side of the church at Pickwick & Villanova. Parking spaces that say “Special Needs” applies to Sundays only, so you may park there for your class.
  • Dance Room: As soon as you enter the Activities Building, our dance room is in the Clubroom, across from the gym with glass windows and wood floor.
  • Arrival: Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early and wait in the lounge area by the gym. Your teacher will open the door and greet the class at the start time. Keeping your dancer calm while she waits will help set the right tone for her dance class. In other words, let’s save her energy for dance class. 🙂
  • Late Arrivals: If you arrive after class has started, to limit distractions please quietly & quickly open the door and send your dancer in ready with dance shoes on.
  • Pick Up: When your class ends, please move from the lounge to the front of the dance room for pick up. Please make eye contact with your teacher that you have your daughter. An adult must pick up, no older siblings.
  • Potty: Teachers are unable to take or send students to the restroom during class, so please take your dancer to the potty before entering the dance room and plan to stay in case she needs to go during class.
  • Waiting: We have a lounge area for parents to wait during your child’s class by the gym.  Please do not sit in front of dance room on the benches or at the high top tables. Dancer’s are easily distracted from onlookers, so there’s no observing. You may take a peek from the lobby anytime, just hide so dancers don’t see you. Ideally, it’s best to leave busy siblings at home as there’s no play space for them. If you need to bring other kiddos they must stay with you at all times and not run around. Since there’s no use of the gym or game tables, you will want to bring something to keep them quietly occupied.
  • Communications: We will use the GroupMe App for the majority of our communications. It’s important that you join and have notifications turned on.

Class Attire

  • Where To Purchase: Please purchase Capezio brand. You may purchase anytime from their Dallas store and receive a 10% discount or if purchased during our Studio Appreciation Week, September 2-8 you will receive a 20% discount. Be sure to tell them you’re with Dancing Angels in order to receive a discount.
  • All Classes: Pink leotard with attached skirt, pink tights and pink Lily (stringless) ballet shoes.
  • Combo Tap Classes: Add black Mary Jane (velcro only) tap shoes. No snaps, clip-on bows, elastic or ribbons.
  • Ballet/Jazz Classes: Add black slip-on jazz shoes.
  • Note: No detached skirts, tutus, glitter or off-brand shoes. Students in the combo classes need to be able to switch shoes themselves. Please practice at home. Off-brand shoes are complicated for dancers, so please purchase Capezio brand only. Shoes should fit snug, but not too tight that your dancer can’t put on and take off by herself.